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Investing time in your professional development within a rapidly changing financial services industry is challenging. To meet that challenge, the Australian regulators weekly wrap is designed to keep you at forefront of your practice by quickly setting out the top 5 developments from the past week, analysis and practical considerations for the future.

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Thought for the future: I do feel somewhat sorry for Kim Kardashian getting a US $1.3M fine for promoting a crypto token, EthereumMax, outside securities laws (which require disclosure of the sum paid to promote the security). That token is a security over in the US, but bitcoin is not according to the US SEC. A bit like here where a derivative or MIS product is a financial product, but other cryptocurrencies are not… for now. Hopefully we can get some clarity soon, once the Albanese Government finishes its token mapping project (the Bragg bill is not our answer, for anyone wondering).



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